Sunday, August 31, 2008

waistband elastic application for sensitive skin (part 2)

Sew the elastic to the boxers, using the lightning zigzag stitch. Take a few stitches before starting to stretch the elastic to fit.

You will have to stretch the elastic quite a bit to get it to fit with the boxer fabric. Try to make the tension on the elastic as even as possible.

Check often to make sure that the elastic is staying where it's supposed to be by lifting the fabric and assuring that the elastic is being appropriately attached to the fabric. If there is a line on the elastic like mine has, make sure that line isn't rising above the place where it should be depending on where you pinned it.

When finished, the stitching should secure the elastic to the boxer fabric and it will gather nicely.

Using sharp, small scissors, trim the little threads that have unraveled while attaching the elastic to the boxer fabric.

Turn the boxers right side out. Fold the elastic so that it is on the outside as well. Even it out as much as possible.

Pin the quarters of the elastic once again to the quarters of the fabric so that when you sew the bottom of the elastic to the fabric it will be even and smooth at the top and the bottom.

Using the lightning zigzag stitch, apply the bottom of the elastic to the outside of the boxer fabric. Make sure to stretch as needed to match the quarters up as was done with the inside.

Check frequently while sewing to make sure you haven't gone past the bottom part of the elastic while attaching it to the boxer fabric.

Stretch as needed, a bit at a time, making sure you keep it all even. This takes a bit more time but is well worth it.

(Continued in next entry)

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