Monday, January 25, 2010

Of grandsons and frogs

This weekend I got to keep Kenny and Patrick overnight.  We had a good time.  We went to the store and got some things and then came home in the rain and mud.  It was no fun getting up the hill.  The rain has made the few inches of unfrozen topsoil more like a mix of quicksand and mud than ground.  I really had to struggle to get my footing.  Now the boys - that was something else.  They are so small and light it wasn't an issue for them.

We came in the house and had some cheap cardboard pizza.  The boys ate well so I gave them M&Ms.  It was bathtime after that and I let them stay in till they told me they were cold.  They got in their new sweats and put on some socks, brushed their teeth and went to bed.  I think they were asleep in less than 10 minutes.

While they were sleeping I made Kenny some new underwear.  This kid doesn't like wearing underwear and he "forgot" to put them on, again.  He doesn't like snug undies against his tummy.  He's been this way since he was sick.  Anyhow, he and his brothers like the underwear I make them far better than store-bought ones made in a third-world country.  First off, they're durable.  Secondly, they're original.  Lastly, I can make them in whatever fabric the boys choose from my stash, and they get a real kick out of it.

So, here are they are.  Once again, I used the Ottobre 4-04 issue, pattern #37, in size 98 this time.  I really like this pattern aside from the fact that the seams are exposed. 

Kenny is delighted with his froggy underwear.  The kid is stuck on frogs with a vengeance.  I think it's probably my fault, at least partially.  His crib set was frogs.  Lots of the clothes I bought him had frogs on them.  His first birthday quilt was frogs, his second birthday present was a stuffed frog, and lots of stuff he has is froggy.  And, when he was in the hospital and wouldn't let Mom take his frog quilt to wash it, I made him another frog quilt so she could wash the first one.  So yeah, it's kinda my fault.

I have a ton of underwear, for boys and girls, cut out and ready to sew.  I need to do them, but first I really want to get A's jacket done.  It's getting cold again and I know she could use it.  I think I will make that my goal for this week.  Once I set to, it will be done in no time.  Then I need to make Alex's birthday skirt, another Ottobre pattern, and a top to go with it.  She's going to love it!  She is in the princess-y phase now and loves all things pink and purple and princess and fairy.  Thank goodness it isn't a difficult theme to find fabrics for.

Okay, off to clean the litter box and then check for eggs.  My life is so thrilling I can't stand it.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A few more last pictures; I'm finally caught up

This sleep sack was made from a Big4 pattern.  I made it for AnnaBelle for her Christmas gift, among other things.  She looks so cute in the hat!  She isn't wild about hats but she looks adorable in them.

This outfit is from the Ottobre 5/2006 issue, pattern #8.  Miss AnnaBelle's mom loves this.  She said it looks like it came from the store.  I wanted to use the pink giraffe fabric, but I needed something that would keep her warm as well.  I do believe I achieved that.  The bamboo velour looks awesome with the pink and green.  The feet weren't even as hard as I thought they would be.

I made this top for myself from Kwik Sew #3370 and some $2 per yard WalMart fabric.  If you watch, you can find some decent stuff there for a good price.  This is velour; I'm sure it's polyester, but still it's got a nice nap to it and it's comfy as heck.  I keep wearing it as soon as it gets clean.  In fact, a couple days ago I picked up some more fabric and I'm going to make another one.  I will be trying just a bit harder to keep the stripes straight, though, so they don't go on an incline.  I thought I had this one straight but I guess not, huh?  Still, it's not for a special occasion so it really doesn't matter all ath much.

And finally, I made these for my son from the Kwik Sew pattern #3298, the same pattern as Tobie's boxer briefs.  These have the long leg option while Tobie's have the short one, but that is the only difference.  I'm waiting to see if he likes them.  He's not really fussy and his other underwear are getting a bit raggy, so I decided to make him several pair at once and just get it over with.

I have one project cut out, Alex's birthday present in the plans, and I also want to make myself another denim jumper with a long sleeved t-shirt to go along with it.  I have the fabrics picked out and all; it's just a matter of getting them done.  I am also working on hand-quilting a king-sized 110" by 110" quilt for Abby and Donovan's bed.  It's taking longer than I ever thought it would, but it will be nice when it's done.

Staying busy is a good thing.  It keeps me out of trouble.