Sunday, August 31, 2008

Applying waistband elastic for sensitive skin (part 3)

Once the sewing is all done, if you turn it inside out, you will see a nice zigzag pattern on the inside of the boxer shorts. You will notice there is no elastic on the inside of the shorts to irritate the skin. This can be very helpful if you have loved ones who are sensitive to rubber or latex. There are also no exposed waistband seams to fray and irritate those you love.

Here is a finished pair of boxers with the elastic applied.

Here are the two pair I made for my identical twin grandsons. I believe if you click on the pic you can see a bigger copy, and you will be able to tell I used one side of the elastic as the outside for one pair and the other side for the elastic on the other pair.

I hope this helps people who needed assistance with applying elastic in this manner.

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