Monday, December 28, 2009

And more presents....

These are presents I made for Abby's boys as well as a pic of the boys themselves.

These are Christmas shirts.  They were made from a puppy and Christmas tree print.  The boys wore them to their school Christmas parties and the other kids loved them!  It's amazing how such a little thing can make them so happy.  I have to be careful though - the sleeves on the twins' shirts were too short.  I made a note so when I do their next shirts they will have long enough sleeves.

The requisite Christmas jammies, this time in Christmas Ooga Booga and bamboo velour.  The pants are way, way too long, and the boys have a blast schlepping around in them.  I wanted to hem them but Noooooo.... they like them too long.  Silly kids!!


They try to behave, really they do....this is grass giraffe and gray giraffe on cotton interlock, and Patrick has a knit with a teddy bear line on it.  I thought I had made him a giraffe onesie.  Apparently I was wrong.  I'm going to make him a shirt like his brothers have as soon as I get a second to breathe.  The layered look is an idea I tweaked to fit my own style.  I don't sew two sleeves, one over the other.  I do mine differently.

The hat/scarf/mitten combos....Patrick's is green, Kenny's is camo, and the twins have the royal blue.  One has gray on the mitten palms and a gray hat band; the other has black.  The scarf sets, except for Patricks, match their coats.  I didn't have red for Patrick.  I have some now and I just might make him a set.  Maybe.

I made these for Kenny.  He came over one day and had an accident.  The trouble is, I make them for him to wear and bring back....and he never does.  He tells his brothers I made them for him to keep.  What a stinker!

Another pair of Kenny undies.  He took these home too.  Same pattern as above, different style - no fly.

Now these I made for Stanley.  He spent the night and forgot his clean underwear.  They are from the Ottobre 4/2004 issue, pattern #37.  They whip up incredibly fast; I really like this pattern.  I'll be making more of them.  This is kinda what Alex's boxer briefs will look like when I make them for her.  I just need to kinda merge this pattern with the girls' undies pattern in the same issue.

I made this outfit as an extra in case a grandson came to visit or spend the night and needed clean clothes for whatever reason.  Kenny swiped these, too.  He took them home and I haven't seen them since.  He's a little stinker.  He knows I love them all to death and would do anything for them, and that's why he keeps swiping the stuff I make.

On to the next entry....

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The rest of Tobie's presents & one for Alex

These are Tobie's new Ottobre Skate Jeans.  I had some fun making them.  I made them a bit big because when I altered them I goofed up somewhere, but his grandfather in Florida says he loves them.  It's been ages and ages since I made a pair of boys' pants.  I used pattern #40 from the 4-2006 issue.  I really like them.  I'll be making them again, a little smaller.


This is a back view of the pants.  The pockets weren't as hard as I had thought they might be.  I did the stitching on them a bit differently than was recommended, but the point is, I got them done and they look good.  I kinda surprised myself with these jeans.  Now that I've made a model of twill, I'm ready to haul out the denim and make him another pair.

These are his pajamas, made with 'owls on a line' knit fabric and some chocolate suedecloth.  I was going to use bamboo velour, but velour is a bit warm for Florida, so I stuck with the suedecloth instead.  I heard he loves these, too.

Here are his boxer briefs.  Apparently his sister saw them and she wants some like them.  She doesn't like the elastic on the legs of girls' underpants and prefers the look of his.  I guess I'll use the Ottobre magazine's pattern for girls' panties and lengthen the legs a bit by putting this pattern underneath the other one.  To be honest, I'm not all that crazy about tons of elastic either.

I forgot to put this in Alex's entry. It's her Christmas nightgown.  The knit is one I got from a coop I belong to, and the solid purple is actually French terry.  Somehow I grabbed that instead of the bamboo jersey I have.  It came out nice as well, and her grandma said she had to put it on right away.  Part of the hassle of living so far from some of my grandkids is that I can't be there to size them; I guess I need to make her arm openings a bit bigger the next time I use this pattern as well as the dress pattern I made up for her.  The arm opening itself is a bit too tight.

At least the grandparents called and let me know what went well and what needs some work.

Alex has a birthday coming up next month and I already have the pattern picked out for her present.  I can't wait to make it up!

Okay, on with the updating....the next entry will be for Abby's kids.  Silly me, I forgot to take pics of the jammy pants I made for JR, Colleen, Donovan and Abby.  They came out nicely, too, though.

Monday, December 14, 2009

New craft

I made a hairband and bow for someone in the area who was looking for one.  She said she loves it, that it's perfect; now, she won't contact me for the arrangements for her to pay and pick it up.  I guess I should have asked for the money ahead of time, eh?

The band is stretch lace.  I had it in my massive stash.  The ribon is a satin/organza mix. 

I just hope she pays me for it, because it won't fit me and it's the wrong size for all my grandkids.

In other news, it's 11 days till Christmas and I have NO decorating done.  The boxes are here, but nothing is up or out or anything.  I'm really struggling this year with even bothering with the whole thing.  I know I need to, but I'm not very motivated.

I will get done, and the decorating will be finished, and it will be okay.  Right now I'm just really tired.  I'm so glad God is here for me to lean on, because I am at the end of my own strength.  It's very comforting that He will never leave me or forsake me and that I am never alone.

God is good.