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Crocheted Bubble Bracelet Tutorial - Translated

Bubble Bracelet 

 Liberally but hopefully pretty accurately translated from the original Russian tutorial found here: 


  •  You will need a small amount of yarn - suitable cotton, linen, silk and other (artificial and/or natural) fibers. Acrylic, wool and other winter fibers will help keep your arm warm.
  •  Choose a hook that will let you make the covering stitches small without being too tight.
  •  Finally, you’ll need an index finger – your own will do fine.

Okay -- let's get started!

Basic figure - Ring 

Wrap the yarn around your finger 4 times snugly but not too tight to remove.

Remove the yarn rings carefully by rolling off your index finger with the thumb and ring finger from the same hand.

Secure the loop with a slip stitch.

Fill half the circle with single crochet stitches (about 8-12 usually work well). The number of stitches needed depends on the thickness of the yarn. You’ll have to experiment to find what works for you.  

Adding Rings

Make another ring of yarn, join with a slip stitch, and continue with the single crochet – it should take the same amount of stitches as the first one.  

Use however many of the half-rings as you need to go around your wrist, allowing space to slide it over your hand. The “average” wrist will need 7-8 rings. 

Connect the end of the row to the beginning with a slip stitch.  

Now, following the same single crochet pattern, finish off the bottom half of the rings.  

Tie off the yarn at the end. You now have made your first row! 

Attaching Another Row

To begin the second and each additional row, make a yarn circle as before. Begin with a slip stitch, and use half as many single crochet stitches as you used for the top half of the rings in the first row.  

At this point, join the new ring to the bottom center of one of the original rings with a slip stitch. 

Follow this joining stitch with enough stitches to finish the top half of the ring.  

Now make and add a second yarn circle to the first one with a slip stitch just like you did with the previous row.

Continue as before until you get to the end of the row. 

Join the first and last ring of the second row with a slip stitch, and then finish the bottom of the second row just like you did the first. 

Keep going in this manner until you make the total number of rows you want to make. You can change colors, types and textures of yarn whenever you want to, taking care not to use different weights of yarn in order to maintain symmetry. Using different textures on different rows can be really fun, as can different colors either in different rows or all throughout the bracelet.

If you make a bracelet from this tutorial, I'm sure the person who created it would like to hear from you! Google Translate is great for leaving notes in other languages. It's what I used to get the basic, rough translation for this tutorial from the original Russian.

Have a great week and God bless!

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