Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Star Ornament Tutorial - Translated

(This initially appeared on a blog in Spanish and Catalans. I translated it using Google Translate so I could use the tutorial, and then thought I would share it with my readers in case anyone else wants to make them. Here is the link to the original post:  Tutorial Estrella. Enjoy!)

Star Ornament Tutorial

Hello Everyone! 

This tutorial will explain how to make Christmas stars of any size. The technique we will use is English Paper Piecing, which is the same used for “Grandmother’s Flower Garden.”

Cut ten 60ยบ diamond shapes of equal size for each star or select 10 of the desired size from a package of die cut diamonds. (The die cut diamond shapes are readily available online, or you can enlarge and print the image above)

Choose 5 coordinating fabrics. Pin 2 diamonds on the back side of each fabric.

Cut around the paper, leaving a margin just big enough to neatly fold over the paper – approximately ¼” works well.

Fold and press the fabric around the paper, making sure to keep the fabric snug.  Once the fabric is folded and pressed, baste each diamond approximately ¼’ inside the outer edge through both layers of fabric and the paper.

Next, turn half the fabric diamonds upside down. Arrange both stars in the same order to determine what they will look like when assembled.

Stitch the diamonds together from the center to the edge, using a ¼” seam.

It is important to keep the pieces in order while assembling each side so that the pieces line up when sewing the two sides together.

Once the two pieces are sewn into a star shape, choose one side and baste a loop of ribbon to the top, facing down, to use as a hanger for the ornament. Make sure it stays inside the star while you are sewing the outside edges together.

Sew the stars together, right sides facing. Allow a space for turning the ornament right side out between one tip and the lower angle of one arm of the star.

Once all the inside sewing is done, it is time to cut and pull out the basting stitches that hold the paper in place and remove the paper supports. Next you can turn the star right side out and it’s ready for stuffing!

Hint: Stuff the tips of the stars first in order to have an evenly-filled star. If you wait, it will be difficult to get the stuffing into them and they will not be pointed. Use your favorite tool (even the rounded end of a small to medium crochet hook will work for this) to help get the stuffing into the star; this will help avoid ripping stitches and damaging the star.

Use an invisible slip stitch to close the opening where you turned the star right side out. Attach a matching or coordinating button to the center of both sides of the ornament.

The three stars below are connected, going from the largest one to the smallest.

This next one is large and oh so elegant!

You can make as many stars as you like by printing extra diamonds, copying the diamond shapes from the first step, using more diamonds from your paper piecing kit, or enlarging the shapes with your graphics program. You can have any size stars you wish from small to large.The original author has a PDF file of the diamonds available; she will gladly send it if you email her and ask!

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