Monday, March 3, 2008

more goodies

The pics above are of one of my triangle headcoverings. I have two of the blue ones. One has white lace and the other has beige. I have one that is white with blue flowers, and I have one that is an ecru tone on tone print with beige lace. I like them and wear them most days.

This next covering is a rounded short covering. I wear this one to church when I go or when I'm in a mood to cover more of my hair. I modified the triangle I'd made and played with it a bit till I found the way I liked it. I only have this one in navy with white lace.

This covering is for long and/or thick hair. My daugter's hair is extraordinarily thick, like my sister's, and it is hard to find something that she can wear over it for chores or whatever that won't be too tight or come sliding off. This one has two snaps underneath and the effect is that the hair doesn't touch the neck until about the level of the neckband on a t-shirt.

This is the new bra I made today. It is modified from the pattern I bought and while it fits me better than the first one did, I am still having trouble with cup size. I am thinking of just sticking with the leisure style bras since I don't wear things that are revealing enough to worry about bra straps showing anyhow, and I'm not active enough to worry about support or what have you. I'm trying another pattern in the next few days and that will determine whether I just switch to the leisure patterns or if the other pattern will work better for me.

I promised hubby I'd go to be early so I'd better toddle off. Tomorrow is supposed to be nasty so I can spend lots of time sewing. I have lots of ideas already.

Blessings to you and yours...

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