Sunday, March 2, 2008

in the thick of sewing

I finally got off my butt this week and made a leisure bra and panty set. I've had the patterns for oh, I'd say a good two years or so, and I hadn't done a thing with them until last week. I do that; I'll buy patterns I know I want to use eventually but it may take several years before the urge strikes me to make that specific item. All I need to do then is find where I put the pattern, locate the fabric I got to make it up with, and I'm set.

Part of it is that the adjustment to my Methadone dosage has given me the ability to sew more than basic straight seams again. My pain level is lower, and I'm sleeping a bit better. Both of those things help a lot when it comes to concentrating on 1/4 inch seams, layers and layers of slick slippery fabric, and the agony of stretch needles.

The first pic is the bra, obviously. It was pretty simple to make. I am going to modify the next one by moving the hooks over to the edge of the front piece instead of 1/2 inch or so inside. I don't like the way the ends stick out and if the hooks are right there that won't happen.

The panties are from the same pattern company but they required a bit more finagling since I have no backside to speak of, a larger than ideal abdomen due to size and weight loss, and the fact that I am not a tall large woman - I just got the large part of the equation down, not the tall. I altered the backside both widthwise and lengthwise, and added a bit to the tummy to make it more yielding, and then shortened the waist a bit so they fit me instead of some Amazon I never met.

It's nice having panties and a bra that were not only made just for me, but that actually fit me. They are made of a nylon or satin Lycra with stretch lace elastic. They do have the obligatory white cotton crotch for cleanliness and absorbency issues. Only 3 pattern pieces and much easier than I thought. A couple more pair and I won't need to look at the instructions at all. The same with the bra.

I'm waiting on stretch lace elastic to come in but I'm not seeing any. I'm starting to wonder if I ordered enough or if I need to get more.


Abby and I checked out a different church this morning. The music was on key if a bit boring, which is an improvement. I just didn't feel like the people were there because they wanted to be, but because it was expected of them, and that makes me uneasy. Some of the things the pastor said bothered me. I'm not sure I'll go back to that one. There are several others we can try out in the area. Now that we're able to visit more of them, we can take our time and let our spirits lead us to the right one for us. It may take a while. The churches out in this area aren't at all what I'm used to and I'm going to have to do some adjusting, too.

I guess I should go take a nap. I'm really tired. Blessings and have a good week.

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