Thursday, September 3, 2009


It's been almost 2 weeks since I had my surgery. I'm starting to feel a lot better.

I had carpal tunnel and median nerve release in my left arm. The median nerve is the same one affected by carpal tunnel syndrome; it's just further up the arm. My scar for that one starts just above my left inner elbow and proceeds about 8 inches down toward the wrist in a long, wide zigzag fashion. I went on Monday and the doc removed the stitches and applied a fresh dressing, which you can see in the pic I posted. My fingers work well, I'm doing simple physical therapy exercises as well. I'm hoping that will give me a jump start on things once I'm out of this ace wrap.

I'm hoping that when I go back next Saturday I can get the dressing and ace wraps off and just wear a splint. I'm dying for a shower. Hubby and I have worked out a routine for my bathing - thank goodness we have a garden tub! However, I do need a nice, long soaking shower.

J has had several smaller seizures since he started on the Tegretol. I'm hoping they call the doc to let him know. It's hard for him knowing his dream of driving a big truck, one he had trained for and already done for a few years, is now out of his reach permanently. Understandably, they won't allow someone with seizure disorder to drive an 18-wheeler. He did qualify for Medicaid because neither he nor his girlfriend have worked in over 2 months; that will help with the cost factor. He also found out that because of all this mess he qualifies for Voc Rehab assistance with job seeking as well as training for any job he will be able to do considering his health issues. It will also benefit me because they won't be hitting me up for money for the doctor or for medication.

I'm tired. This arm makes it very hard to sleep when added to my other diagnoses because it's tough to find a position to sleep in without hurting the arm or face or lying on my tummy; pretty much, I hang out in my recliner. I even got one of those chair-type bed pillows but it interferes with hubby's sleep space as well as mine. I just want it over. I want my arm back.

I ordered some electrtic scissors. It's going to be a while before I can use the regular ones, and I need to sew stuff for Christmas so I needed something to help me out. At least with the scissors I can cut the items out more quickly; that will give me more time to sew. I'll need that due to the decreased mobility in my arm.

Okay. I need to get going. Blessings to all.


Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Man they did a number on you! Glad it is healing well though.

daisymarie said...

Goodness! I hope things are much better by now.

Andrew Clarke said...

Hi. I just said a quick prayer that you will recover and have some freedom from discomfort. I love not having an aching back, so I've got some idea what pain is. No wonder they call something a 'pain' when it's something you just get fed up with! One thing - I'm seriously that modern medicine can do as much as it can. Blessings.