Monday, May 4, 2009

Measuring for plus-size bras

note: some of this information was obtained from other sites on the Web. They are credited appropriately. ---- Trisha



Measure your underbust and take it to the nearest inch.
Measure your overbust (around the back, under the arms and over the highest part of the bust) and take it to the nearest inch.

Now, use the largest of these two numbers as your band size. If you add 4-5 inches to your measurement, your bra will be falling off. The alternative would be that your breasts will be falling out under the band.

For the cup size, you add an inch to the measurements for smaller women. 2 inches is an A, 3 is a B, 4 is a C and so on.

You will find this is far more accurate when you are a plus-sized woman than the chart they have created for smaller women.

In case you wonder, I got this information from a site that describes measuring breast size - it was written for women who have had restorative surgery after a mastectomy or for women who have had a reduction or other surgical breast changes like a lumpectomy or so on. It's the only time I've seen it and it works for my daughter, her friends and I every time.

According to several sites, the "add 4 or 5 inches" rule only works for women whose ribcage measurement is 33" or smaller.
Bella Online; Plus Size Bras; Plus Size Bra Fit

I hope this helps.

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