Thursday, May 15, 2008


I cleaned the smaller covered area of the outside chicken coop Monday afternoon and was in the middle of moving the stump we leave there to sit on so we can watch the birds and I slipped in the mud. I landed hard against the stump with my backside and then landed on my butt and my right arm. I sprained that wrist a while back and just bought a brace; I never went and got it checked. It bugs me off and on. My backside, however, is not happy. I have a sideways bruise about 8 inches long and it's probably 2-3 inches wide except in the middle, where it's bigger.

I believe that I at least bruised my tailbone. It HURTS. If it hurts this much to bruise it when I'm on narcotics, what would it have felt like if I wasn't on them? My youngest daughter did hers a few years back but the bruise she got was about 1/4 or less the size of mine.

Instead of sitting or lying around and fussing, though, knowing already that position and activity level really usually doesn't affect the fact that I'm going to hurt whether or not I like it, I did make myself get up yesterday and do some of the things I usually do. It makes no sense to sit around and then get sore from not moving. That just makes it worse.

I did have to take 1/2 a 7.5/750 Lortab Monday night but haven't had one since. I'm going to need one soon, though. I can feel it.

If I sit in a hard chair on a round pillow (my equivalent of a donut cushion) it helps my butt feel better. However, due to my reaction to this dose of Methadone, my feet swell up like dinner rolls rising on a baking sheet. If I put my feet up, my butt hurts.

Hubby was messing with me Monday night - I've become quite the klutz since I started taking more meds than I eat - and he said, "I can't take you anywhere!" I looked back and said, "Well, it looks like you can't leave me here, either."

I'm going to see my doc when I can get in this week. I don't want to and I'm not sure how it's going to feel driving my stick shift car but I need to see her and I'll be careful and drive like a geezer if I need to. After a couple weeks when I can tolerate the manipulation, I'll go to my chiropractor and have her abuse me a bit because I'm pretty sure I'm out of alignment now.

This also made my shoulders tense and my head hurts. It's not the AFP. This is a headache.

Ah, life is wonderful.


thesunnyabyss said...

big gentle hugs

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Well hon you sound as graceful as me! Yeah Jack picks on me too. My night meds really make me not track so good and he picks on me about drinking when he isn't looking. Gotta love those hubbies! Take care of yourself!

daisydreamer said...

Oh my...I hope you did only bruise it and that you mend quickly. Take care!