Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Should we build an ark?


I was going to put some pics in here but Blogger has evidently decided it doesn't want me to so I won't. I'll try again later.

Anyhow...we've had 2.5 inches of rain in the last day and a half on top of already-saturated ground. The pond is up to the overflow drain. The chicken lounge is a puddle. The chicken yard is a pond. Most of the coop is dry but the part that is wet is - well, it's wet.

Plants are getting green and budding and starting to tell us it's spring.

Now all we need is sunshine to dry things out a bit so the plants can grow.

Any time.

At least the drought is over.

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thesunnyabyss said...

good morning :) we are having a few flooding issues up here from the rain we had yesterday and the quick thaw, I hope the chickens stay high and dry, have a good day :)