Friday, February 1, 2008

Beginning again

Sometime in the summer of 2007, God laid on my heart that it was time to stop messing around and get serious about dressing in a modest fashion. It happened almost overnight. I put away the shorts and tank tops and switched to jumpers and dresses and skirts.

I don't want to sound like it was easy because at the time our vehicle didn't have air conditioning and since I owned mostly t-shirts of cotton knit I got very hot if I went places in the daytime. I had to start thinking of ways to stay cool and dress the way I felt I was being led to dress.

I made a few short-sleeved dresses from a modest pattern and those along with the skirts and a denim dress got me through to the fall.

This winter I've worn skirts, jumpers, dresses, and haven't worn pants one day. I do put long johns under the dresses, especially since we live in a weird climate and I go outside every day to care for our chickens and see to the bird feeders and such.

I've found my favorite all-around cool weather shoes to be Birkenstock clogs I got from ebay for less than $50. In the summer, my Birkenstock sandals only leave my feet when I slip on my Birkies, made of rubber, to go do chicken stuff and other dirty chores. I have tennies for cold cold days and boots for snow, but I far prefer the Birkenstocks for the comfort factor. I need to find boots that fit me better.

Just a week ago God put on my heart to start covering. Three days ago I made my first two headcoverings, simple but adequate, and I will go on from here.

The first two are a dusty blue color. One has cream lace and one has white. I have 4 white ones cut out already. I use single-fold bias tape for the long edge and the ties.

I have ideas for more coverings and may even offer a few on Etsy or another place to see if people would be interested in purchasing simple, practical headcoverings. I also made a plain cotton half slip and a flannel half slip for winter, and I could sell those as well, made to fit the waist size of the person buying them. The flannel slip is nice when it's really cold and I have to go out and the longjohn leggings are just not cutting it.

I would really like to find a place that sells 3x thick cotton tights. It's very difficult. I see microfiber ones, and nylon ones, and lycra ones, and thin cotton ones, and fancy patterned ones. What I and a lot of other large ladies are looking for is a manufacturer willing to make simple thick winter-weather style cotton tights in even just a few basic colors...white, cream, navy, brown and black would be perfectly acceptable. We don't need a lot, just enough.

Since warmer weather will be approaching, I am looking to make a few more lightweight dresses to get me through the heat of the Missouri summer without compromising my convictions.

I am also going to be playing with my slip pattern as I'd like to make a full-length one as well as a half slip.

Add to that the headcoverings, household work, family time, and chickens, and I will be quite occupied for the upcoming months.

I truly wish I could find something to do that would enable me to get off disability but it would have to be something I could do here on a sporadic basis as my pain level and associated symptoms allow. In the meantime, I can always experiment and see what I come up with.

It certainly is something to look forward to.

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daisydreamer said...

I admire your conviction and desire to obedient.

Several weeks ago I put Kenny on our prayer list in our Sunday School class. How's he doing?